9 Books Guaranteed to Sharpen You Spiritually & Theologically

Tomorrow is going to come.

And it’s going to keep coming, whether you want it to or not.

The question is, what are you doing with that time? It’s easy to say that we’ll worry about the future when it gets here, but there are practical things we can do in the meantime to foster growth in our lives.

Reading the right book, for example, can immerse us in rich topics: who God is, what Jesus has done for us, and how to more closely resemble Christ.

Here are 9 books that have helped sharpen our team. We hope they do the same for you.

1) Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

This book by the famous “Chronicles of Narnia” author is actually based on radio talks done in the 1940s. Lewis builds on logic, arguing for the validity of Christianity, explaining its rationale, and working out its implications in a Christian’s life.

2) Simply Good News by N.T. Wright

Wright takes a 2,000-year-old message and applies it to our world today. Though it may not always seem like it, the Gospel truly does mean good news for us and can transform our lives in ways we could never imagine.

3) Simply Christian by N.T. Wright

In this, Wright touches on an innate desire to know God. We crave spirituality, and we long to seek justice, establish meaningful relationships, and admire beauty in the world around us.

These are all things that reflect the character of our Creator, and this is a book for those questioning who it is that has been whispering to them all along.

4) A Glorious Dark by A.J. Swoboda

The disciples were faced with many doubts and frustrations when Jesus, who had promised them victory, was crucified. Their world was turned upside down, and their questions were left unanswered.

Swoboda applies this example to similar times of despair and uncertainty in every Christian’s life.

5) Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

God created humans with the freedom to act as we choose, but unfortunately we’re not always able to handle this freedom. This results in addictions, marred relationships, and generational sins.

We need boundaries to help us handle the great responsibility of this freedom, and through spiritual growth and God’s help we’ll be able to live freely once again.

6) For Calvinism by Michael Horton

This book does just what the title alludes to: it discusses the elements of Calvinism, applying Biblical references along the way.

It concludes with showing how to live a Christian life according to the principles of Calvinism.

7) Against Calvinism by Robert Olson

In direct contrast to the previous title, Olson’s book debates the TULIP points that anchor Calvinism. Also supported by Scripture, this book breaks down and opposes central Calvinist views.

8) A Skeptic Challenges a Christian by David Pendergrass

Many commonly asked questions about God are addressed in this book. It takes a unique format -- a fictional conversation between a skeptic and a Christian.

It’s very easy to read and understand, perfect for both novice Christians and questioning persons.

9) Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig

Reasonable Faith started as a series of lectures from Craig’s apologetics class. He developed it into a thorough book that addresses the main themes of Christianity.

He also incorporates his own thoughts and additional resources on the topics.


These books are a small representation of many incredible resources out there. If you want to sharpen yourself spiritually and theologically, but you don’t know where to begin, we encourage you to pick up one of these books today.

Remember, time is going to pass: who are you going to be at the end of it?

This post was written by Team Impact's Lead Evangelist, Stephen Mackey. When Mackey isn't speaking in schools and churches around the world, he's hanging out with his wife and two kiddos in Dallas, TX. 

To connect with Mackey, send him an email or shoot him a tweet...he's mildly addicted to communicating in 140 characters or less :)