We are so much more than what you may have seen...

As churches seek to make the most with their missions giving, Team Impact is a vessel God is using to see tens of thousands experience life-change each year.

As an organization, Team Impact is involved annually with as many as 150 local church outreaches, overseas missions, humanitarian efforts and over 700 public school assemblies.

When you partner with Team Impact, you are helping us in all of our programs which include:

  • Family Focused Evangelistic Crusades
  • Anti Bullying School Assemblies
  • Television Evangelism in 260 Countries
  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Overseas Evangelistic Missions
  • Men’s Discipleship Programs
  • Military Base Outreach
  • Prison / Juvenile Detention Outreach
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
— Helen Keller

Amazing Opportunities - Amazing Results

School Assembly in South Africa

When you partner with Team Impact, your church will be a part of one of the most fruitful evangelistic ministries in the world. Whether we are across the ocean or down the street, your church will play a vital role in seeing life-change in tens of thousands of people each year.

From schools to military bases to African slums, Team Impact is given the most amazing opportunities. Join with us on this amazing journey. 

Church members & tithers love seeing their missions resources making a difference, and Team Impact makes sure our churches are kept up to date through:

  • Video Updates detailing victories
  • Mission Trip Opportunities
  • Monthly Progress Newsletter


  • Include Team Impact in your monthly mission budget
  • A one time gift to share Jesus with the world
  • Sponsor an Overseas Missions Outreach
  • Take Team Impact on your Missions Outreach


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