“One of the clearest, most effective presentations of salvation in Christ that I have ever seen.”
— Dr. Jack Graham - Prestonwood Baptist Church

Why We Exist

Team Impact’s purpose is to partner with local churches to reach individual communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ, to serve the local pastor and build the local church.

Let's Join Hands to Reach Your Community

By inviting Team Impact to be part of your church's outreach strategy, you will see people of all walks of life come to your church, hear a clear, concise gospel message and respond as God moves in their heart.

Team Impact is ideally suited for churches looking for creative evangelism but unwilling to water down the message of the cross; a church focused on reaching all generations and people from every walk of life. As well, Team Impact sees tremendous results in reaching entire cities and communities through the combined efforts of several churches or ministerial alliances. 

We truly believe that God desires to use every local body of believers to extend His Kingdom. It is this belief that leads us into communities rural and urban, partnering with Bible believing churches of every size, shape and makeup.

Whether your church is large or small, you have the potential of reaching your entire community for Jesus Christ.

First Baptist Church - Orlando, FL

  •  651 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 99 Baptisms during crusade
  • 54 School Assemblies

The Church at Quail Creek - Amarillo, TX

  • Over 400 recorded decisions for Christ
  • 135 Baptisms during crusade
  • 60 School Assemblies