“We saw 500 people make decisions for Christ, with 400 of them being first time salvations. During our five-night crusade we baptized over 120 people.”
— Dr. James Walker - Biltmore Baptist Church
 Prestonwood Baptist Church

You have heard it said that we live in a "sight and sound" generation. The truth is that fallen man has been seeking to fulfill their emptiness with what they can see, hear and touch since man's first disobedience. And since that time they have been pulled in every direction by a world that promises them everything and offers nothing.

Team Impact has learned that if you can get a person's attention - they will listen to what you have to say. And Team Impact has found a way to get people's attention.

Our unique style of ministry uses the talents of elite athletes performing a mesmerizing production that demands attention of old and young alike. The appeal is nearly irresistible, especially for those who would normally never attend church. While the method may be different, the message remains the same - Salvation through grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Founded in 2000, the ministry has been around the world partnering with churches of all sizes and Bible believing denominations. Through our church partnerships, we have seen hundreds of thousands of people make the life-changing decision to follow Christ.

Reaching Communities for Jesus Christ

Team Impact truly believes that God desires to use every local body of believers to extend His Kingdom. It is this belief that leads us into communities rural and urban, partnering with Bible believing churches of every size, shape and makeup. 

Team Impact is ideally suited for churches looking for creative evangelism but unwilling to water down the message of the cross; a church focused on reaching all generations and people from every walk of life. As well, Team Impact sees tremendous results in reaching entire cities and communities through the combined efforts of several churches or ministerial alliances. Whether your church is large or small, you have the potential of reaching your entire community for Jesus Christ.