“When we invited Team Impact to First Baptist Atlanta, more than 300 people accepted Jesus. Many were baptized and added to our church. We also saw our congregation rally together to reach our community.”
— Dr. Charles Stanley - First Baptist Atlanta

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How do we do this?

Your church members are already engaging with lost people. They are pursuing relationships with the unchurched in their everyday lives and maybe the opportunity to share the gospel hasn't arisen or they haven't had the boldness to share.

A Team Impact event is an easy way for them to invite that person and put them face to face with a clear, concise gospel message. Then, that church member is a significant part of their salvation process and can help disciple them from that point and grow them into an attending, growing Christian in your church. Our tool kit includes many strategies for making this a successful outreach.

Team Impact enhances your church's peer to peer evangelism strategy by adding another opportunity for your members to put their circle of influence in church seats and most importantly... in front of the gospel. 

“...We baptized 291 people during the Team Impact crusade and saw many more join our church.”
— Dr. Ed Young - Second Baptist, Houston, TX

Exciting... Intriguing... Attention-grabbing

This outreach will dive deep into your community through our public school assemblies, city-wide promotion through local media and your congregation's social media and word of mouth. Our goal is for your church to be the center of the community during the Team Impact event. By putting an emphasis on reaching families, we see the men of the community come to our events and literally changing their families lives. If you reach the men, you reach the entire family.

Benefits of Hosting a Team Impact Outreach

  • Forge new relationships within your community
  • Gain influence in your public schools 
  • Ignite an attitude of evangelism within your congregation
  • Illuminate your community with the gospel
  • Crowd your auditorium with new faces
  • Establish immediate family growth in your Sunday services
  • Inspire all age groups to reach their friends and family
  • Baptize scores of new believers during and after the event
  • Unify your church around a common soul-winning goal

A Team Impact outreach consists of a multiple night campaign. We have options of five-night and three-night events. We couple the evangelistic church programs with our highly sought after public school assemblies. By holding these secular assemblies in elementary, Jr and Sr high, we are able to get the message out about the church outreach.

The church event is an exciting production that is the key to people who've never been to your church coming to see Team Impact. By weaving testimonies and the gospel presentation throughout the production, we prepare hearts for the call to Christ.

Another amazing benefit to the outreach is your church members playing a valuable role through volunteering throughout the event. With opportunities such as; decision workers, stage crew, social media and marketing, many churches see people who've only been attendees in the past become part of their volunteer team.

Can Our Church Pull This Off?

Inspire your church, win a city

This is probably one of our most asked questions...and the answer is most likely yes! We have partnered with churches of 60 up to 20,000+. Many churches see Team Impact on TV and at mega-churches and think that their church is not big enough or have enough resources to host Team Impact. If your church has a passion and zeal to see your community reached for Christ, we can work with you to coordinate an event that will see amazing results.

Our staff provides you with virtually every resource needed to host an effective and successful outreach. Our Host Packet covers all bases of organization and preparation. We help you promote the event successfully, organize with step by step ease, and even recruit volunteers for your event through our planning materials. 

We are here to help guide and equip your team to maximize the event and are eager to help you host a successful outreach in your community...no matter the size.  

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