Bring Team Impact to Your Community's Public Schools

Team Impact is a valuable conduit between your church and the public schools. Our secular school assemblies cover a variety of topics that school administrators are desperate for assemblies like Team Impact to convey to their students. We couple these assemblies with our church events so that every corner of your community is impacted. Contact us to schedule your event. 972-315-9333

“The assembly as indicated by some of my colleagues, was ‘one of the best we’ve had’. After they captured the audience with their amazing feats, they hammered home a most positive and powerful message. Those of us in the field of education realize that it is not always easy to capture the hearts and minds of today’s youth, however Team Impact did it successfully...
— Everett Lovelace - Vice Principal Addams Elementary - Fresno, CA

About Team Impact School Assemblies

Team Impact’s assembly programs are an entertaining mixture of feats of strength, comedy and music to communicate age-appropriate messages for hundreds of thousands of students each year.

Having built an encouragement arsenal over the last decade, Team Impact speaks face to face with over 700,000 students each year in our assemblies around the world.

With an average of 15+ years of public school speaking each, our team members effectively relate to students of all age groups and social backgrounds.

With accomplishments such as NFL football, pro wrestling and Olympic competition, Team Impact members are able to build a rapport with students that builds a bridge to their hearts and minds.

Our programs include high energy music and student participation in the assembly that captures the attention of your kids. This allows us to have a captivated audience for the message portion of our program.

“I know that their message was so inspirationally moving that several students confided with the school counselor, with tears in their eyes, about how they wanted to make better choices...”
— Terry Roller, Principal - Lincoln High School - Lincoln, AL

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“Having attended a plethora of prevention assemblies for over 20 years, I remember only those that impress faculty, as well as students. Serving as a district administrator, I am removed from what some percieve as the ‘real world’ of education - the actual school site. In this circumstance, I received feedback from the ‘real world’ about the power of your performance. Through incredible feats of strength and positive messages, your team motivated students to excel, to stand up for what is right, and to rise above adverse circumstances...Thank you for bringing strength, hope and a vision of a better tomorrow to our schools.”
— Donna Clarke - Asst. Administrator / Safe and Drug Free Communities Spring Branch ISD - Houston, TX